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By: Dawn Bracegirdle

When a community organisation provides engagements opportunities for young people, there are a range of factors that they take into consideration when planning, delivering and reviewing that provision. The single most vital element of that process is the safeguarding of young people and ensuring that whilst they are engaged in any type of activity, whether virtual or in the real world, their safety and wellbeing is the priority for those in charge.

CTZN offers community organisations a unique and effective way of directly engaging young people into organised community activity using a social media platform that promotes positivity. Used as a tool to introduce young people to local events, activities, programmes and community projects and rewarding them for their efforts is where the CTZN team can really add value to local provision and support the promotion of an organisation’s offer for young people.

CTZN does not however replace the need for community organisations to maintain their commitment and vigilance when it comes to safeguarding participants that they may engage through the platform. CTZN is no different, although much more sophisticated, to using an old fashioned leaflet as a way of introducing participants to a new activity.  No organisation would trust the leaflet to safeguard their participants and the same applies with CTZN. It is the responsibility of the organisation that chooses to promote their activities with CTZN to ensure a robust and thorough safeguarding policy is adhered to when recruiting and registering young people to their activities. It is not now the responsibility of CTZN to ensure we keep young people safe.

CTZN have already demonstrated a genuine commitment to creating a culture of positivity on the App, with open comments and restricted personal information to keep young people safe whilst in the virtual space of CTZN. It is the role of the organisations working in partnership with the App to ensure that this virtual safety continues in reality, offering genuinely positive activity with a real and tangible commitment to safeguarding young people across Greater Manchester.

Manchester United Foundation is committed to creating and supporting opportunities for young people to engage in positive activity and working with CTZN enables the organisation to reach young people in a very innovative way. The unique approach of the App allows Manchester United Foundation to reach a wider audience, to showcase the work of the organisation to young people directly in a safe and very relevant way. Using the App enables organisations to maximise the investment made in the platform without the need to invest significant financial resources themselves. Manchester United Foundation is very proud of the partnership with CTZN and will support the development of the App to enable young people to develop, progress and succeed in whatever they choose to pursue. 

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