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By: Grace Kelly

In March we hosted our first CTZN Partnerships Event in the heart of Media City UK in a room kindly provided by The University of Salford.

More than 50 individuals from over 35 organisations came from all across the region to join us for the afternoon session. It was great to see such a diverse range in the same room together, from charities and local authorities to youth groups and football clubs; all with one common interest; the young people of Greater Manchester.

The afternoon started with presentations on the history and vision behind CTZN, why young people tell us it's needed and the aims and objectives of this funded pilot project in partnership with the Home Office and Greater Manchester Police.

A key part of the day was to open up discussion with the organisations and learn about the challenges they face when engaging young people and ways CTZN could help overcome those difficulties.

We also held a bit of a Q&A session and below are some of the key questions we picked out:

Could one person manage activities on behalf of more than one organisation?

We would be very happy for one partner to manage activities on behalf of other organisations, providing you have your own local agreements in place.

Can activities on the app be filtered by type e.g. sports, arts etc?

Yes, on the search screen users can filter activities by different categories. These categories will grow as more activities are added.

What is the criteria for accepting or rejecting a young person onto the activity?

It is up to the organiser whether or not they accept or reject someone onto their activity. The information you will see about the user at this point is their username, email address and level of Rep. CTZN recommends you carry out your usual processes when it comes to accepting young people onto an activity.

You can view our other FAQ's here, which we hope to update regularly.

Overall, it was a really great afternoon and the feedback is proving really valuable as we push on with the development of the CTZN platform and partner dashboard.

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