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By: Tony Braide

Our Awards are intended to celebrate individuals and organisations who have been proactive and creative in their thinking of how to engage with young people who are at risk of or abused through sexual exploitation.  In a world where criticism can make it difficult for people working in a very complex area of work, it is our pleasure to pick a few examples of that commitment to tackle the issues of sexual exploitation and celebrate them. We had a wealth of nominations which demonstrates how this form of abuse is now being prioritised by statutory agencies.  The work in Manchester through the CTZN programme was a clear demonstration of this and was very worthy of one of our Awards.  We take the opportunity to celebrate those young people who are brave and talk about their experiences so professional can truly understand what this is like for them and we were delighted to include a young lady from Manchester in those awards.


Sheila Taylor MBE

NWG Network

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