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By: Dawn Bracegirdle

When a community organisation provides engagements opportunities for young people, there are a range of factors that they take into consideration when planning, delivering and reviewing that provision. The single most vital element of that process is the safeguarding of young people and ensuring that whilst they are engaged in any type of activity, whether virtual or in the real world, their safety and wellbeing is the priority for those in charge.

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By: Grace Kelly

In March we hosted our first CTZN Partnerships Event in the heart of Media City UK in a room kindly provided by The University of Salford.

More than 50 individuals from over 35 organisations came from all across the region to join us for the afternoon session. It was great to see such a diverse range in the same room together, from charities and local authorities to youth groups and football clubs; all with one common interest; the young people of Greater Manchester.

The afternoon started with presentations on the history and vision behind CTZN, why young people tell us it's needed and the aims and objectives of this funded pilot project in partnership with the Home Office and Greater Manchester Police.

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